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modern pendant light fixture

Modern Pendant Light Fixture

Meteor Lights fabricates custom pendant light fixtures and pendant swag lamps. You can choose from our shade designs, we can work from your specs, with your designer, or we can help design your lamp with you or for you. Any of our lampshade styles can be converted into pendant lamps, but depending on the specific lighting application, certain styles do work better than others. We make many other shapes and sizes not shown on the Lampshade Styles page, such as large drum or barrel shades. We fabricate large drum and barrel pendant shades up to 36 inches diameter and 42 inches tall. Please contact us with any of your lighting questions.

Architects, lighting consultants, and interior designers who want to create unique modern and mid-century/modern decor specify our UL rated light fixtures in a wide range of commercial residential projects such as restaurants, bars, hotels, museums, galleries, retail settings, homes, lofts, and apartments.

Selecting your pendant lamp is a two-step process:
1. First, choose your pendant lamp shade style and shade design options.

2. Select either the hard-wired Modern Pendant Light Fixture Hardware Set or the plug-in Modern Pendant Swag Lamp Hardware Set. Both assemblies are available in white or black.

retro pendant lamp retro modern pendant light fixture hanging square light fixtureretro-modern pendant light fixture

Pendant Light Fixture Hardware Set

picture of pendant light fixture cordset

Pendant Light Fixture Cordset

Our ready-to-install Modern Pendant Light Fixture assembly comes with modern canopy, 8 ft of 3-wire SVT lamp cord, fittings, threaded phenolic socket, and your choice of shade. This is a 60W UL Listed light fixture, suitable for indoor commercial (restaurant, bar, hotel, and retail lighting) and residential uses where four-pin CFL lighting is not required (note: spiral base CFL and LED bulbs can be used and are recommended with our standard hardware set). Our pendant light fixtures are quickly and easily installed (hard-wired) in a ceiling outlet (junction

image of retro pendant swag lamp

Retro Swag Lamp

image of 36" diameter pendant lamp

36″ dia. pendant

Pendant Swag Lamp Hardware Set

picture of pendant lamp swag set

Pendant Lamp Swag Set

Our portable Modern Pendant Swag Lamp assembly comes with 18 ft of 2-wire SVT lamp cord, fittings, threaded phenolic socket, modern hangers, and your choice of shade. The pendant swag lamp plugs into any wall outlet.

Compact Fluorescent Lights for Retro Modern Pendant Light Fixtures

Energy Efficient Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Whether you need to meet new energy efficiency requirements or just want to upgrade your lighting components, we have the solution for cool, mod, mood lighting for restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail, or for retro residential renovations. We can provide Energy Efficient CFL GX24Q-3 pendant sets (UL Listed, meets CA Title 24 specifications) to be used in conjunction with any of our retro-modern lamp shades for great commercial pendant lighting installations (residential, too).
CFL Pendant Sets (canopy, cord, GX24Q-3 socket) are available in black or white. Note: these hardware sess use four-pin, dedicated-wattage CFL bulbs; our standard hardware sets accommodate any medium Edison spiral-base light bulb (CFL, incandescent, LED).

Currently available in 26W (we’re working on 32W, too…)
Please call or email us for a quote.

Track Lighting for Retro Modern Pendant Lamps

We can provide pendant sets with compatible track adapters for Halo 3-wire track systems to work with any of our shades for great retro hanging lamps. Custom lengths can be provided for the perfect installation.

Pendant track sets (track adapter, cord, and socket) are available in black or white.
Please call or email for a quote.

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