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Small Drum Lamp Shade, 8 inch diameter

picture of small drum shade in red

small drum lamp shade by Meteor Lights

Small, Eames-era, red fiberglass lamp shade (8″ diameter x 9″tall), available in your choice of color, pattern, and height.

Meteor Lights’ small 8 inch diameter drum lampshade is the perfect shade for many small vintage lamps, accent lamps, and bedside lamps. It also works well with simple contemporary lamps bases. When used as a shade on the preceding types of lamp bases, the small drum shade works best when it is 8 inches to 10 inches tall. On taller lamps, the 8 inch diameter shade might work with 11 inch or even 12 inch heights.

The 8 inch diameter shade was also a very common shade on the classic vintage Danish Modern lamp bases. Danish Modern lamps used several different methods to attach shades to the lamp. Sometimes a standard lamp harp was used, but frequently the shade attached directly to the vertical teak arms or posts that defined the base, in which case, small wood screws were often used, either directly through the shade or through small brass clips that attached to the shade ring. Danish Modern lamp designs were very clever, and used a variety of other methods — brackets, clips, rings, etc — to attach the shade to the lamp. For these types of Danish Modern lamp bases using 8 inch diameter shades, a variety of different heights were used. Danish Modern tables lamps might used shades from 9 inches to 12 inches tall, depending on the height of the base. Larger table lamps might have shade heights in the 12 inch to 14 inch range. On Danish Modern floor lamps, the shade heights were frequently in the 14 inch to 16 inch range, and could go up to 30 inches or even more in some cases. The Danish Modern floor lamps with these very tall 8 inch diameter shades are especially dramatic.

The 8 inch diameter drum shade also works well as a pendant lamp. When used as a pendant lamp shade, we usually make the small drum shade at least 11 inches tall, and it can go quite a bit taller. We can customize the height to your specifications. As a hanging shade, we think the proportions of the 8 inch drum work best in the 11 inch to 15 inch range, depending on your lighting situation (e.g. how low the shade is hung, how tall the ceilings are, how many lamps will be hung, etc.). For especially dramatic effects, the small 8 inch diameter drum pendant shade can be made much taller, in the 24 inch to 30 inch range.

Small drum pendant lamp shades can be used in a number of ways. The classic vintage 1950s method was to hang two to five (but most often, three) shades clustered together, but staggered at different heights. Another classic lighting installation is a row (from two to five, or even more) of small drum lamps hung in a row over a counter, such as bar counters and kitchen islands. Small drum shades are usually too small work alone in the center of a room, but they look great in corners or hung over couch end tables (i.e., used in place of end table lamps).

Configure your 8″ diameter drum shade

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  1. Carl says:

    I like the Red Drum Lamp shade as shown but I need 16″ x 16″ X16″for a floor lamp. Can you help me?

    • 16″ x 16″ x 16″? You mean a square? Or do you mean a 16″ diameter x 16″ tall shade? For something that specific, write or call us for a quote; we don’t do quotes in the comments are, especially since I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking!

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