Fiberglass Lampshades

red sconce shield

picture of sconce shield made from fiberglass parchment

Fiberglass Sconce Shield Lampshade

Meteor Lights makes reproduction fiberglass sconce shields for wall sconces for home, restaurants, and hotels. This classic shape was original equipment on 1950s Airstream and other trailers. Available in any color with any optional pattern. The shield has a bulb clip for the common A15 appliance light bulb style (i.e. the common bulb found in many refrigerators and ceiling fans)…the frosted variety looks best!

The dimensions on our standard wall sconce shield are 4 3/4″ wide x 5 3/4″ tall x 2 5/8″ deep. Sconce shields with other dimensions and shapes are available as custom orders.

Configure your fiberglass sconce shield

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