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Modern Drum Lampshade

modern drum lampshade, 13" diameter

13″ Modern Drum Shade (D13)

13″ diameter fiberglass barrel lampshade in the vintage modern style. available in different heights, colors, and patterns
shown: color caramel (deep hue)

13 inch drum lampshades are great for medium-sized lamp bases (generally 12″-14″ tall, but they will work on other size lamp bases, too). The modern drum shade will work an almost any style lamp base, and they are especially suited for Art Deco, Mid-Century/Modern, and contemporary lamp styles.

When made taller, the 13 inch modern drum or barrel shade is a good option for pendant lamps or light fixtures.

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  1. sherry says:

    loving my last purchase, i was wondering on the availability and cost of a shade 13inches wide and 34inches high. thanks for your time sherry

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