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Mid-century modern lamp shade

photo of mid-century modern 10" diameter lamp shade

mid-century modern 10″ lamp shade (D10)

10 inch diameter drum lamp shade, in the mid-century/modern style, available in wide range of heights, colors, and patterns.
color: olive
pattern: brown streaks
lanyard: brown

10 inch drum shades are good on medium-small lamp bases, but they are usually too large for really small or really short bases. They work well for bedside lamps, because you can use a higher wattage bulb (up to 150W, but 100W is preferred) for reading.

When made taller – usually 11″ to 14″ tall – 10 inch diameter drum shades make great smaller pendant lamps. They are not large enough to hold their own in a large room, but because you can use higher wattages, they are good for smaller rooms, hung in series, or over end tables. A 10 inch diameter x 14 inch tall mid-century/modern-style drum works great in corners when you need to punch up the amount of light.

10 inch drums are light enough to be used with bulb clip adapters, and short drums can be hung upside-down clipped onto bare bulbs in ceiling light receptacles, giving those humble utility lamps some midcentury pizazz.

Like all of our shades, we make them in any color with any optional pattern.

Configure your 10″ diameter drum shade

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