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Fiberglass Lamp Shades: Reverse Atomic 2-tier

jetsons lamp: mid century modern lighting

fifties lamp shade: reverse atomic 2-tier style

Reverse atomic 2-tier lampshade, available in wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns.
Quintessential mid century modern lighting.
large (15″ diameter)
main tier: aqua
bottom tier: charcoal
pattern: arcs

The Reverse 2-tier lamp shade or pendant lamp is available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Like all our shade styles, the Reverse Atomic 2-tier Shade is available in all our colors and patterns. The reverse atomic 2-tier style lampshade style doesn’t work on every lamp, but it looks killer with many 1950s and mid-century lamps bases, and it’s a great shade style for 1950s light fixtures.

A few notes about these specific colors: Aqua has long been one of our most popular colors. “Aqua” isn’t a precise color specification, and is open to some interpretation. For us, aqua is a light-to-medium greenish blue (i.e. more blue than green). To maintain the inherent and characteristic translucent quality of our fiberglass shade parchment, we don’t add white to get the lighter hue. Instead, we achieve our lighter hues by reducing the pigment load (saturation) in our dyes. More saturated, our aqua is more of a teal color. Similar but different from aqua is our turquoise color. This is another color that is somewhat open to interpretation. try an image search for “turquoise color” and you’ll see what we mean. For us, turquoise is a blueish green (i.e. more green than blue). More saturated and with a little earth-tone added, turquoise becomes our jade color. Desaturated, our turquoise shade color becomes a seafoam green.

Meteor Lights’ aqua, teal, turquoise, jade, and seafoam hues provide a wide range of blue-green lighting colors to choose from.

Our charcoal color is similar to black, but it is more translucent, whereas our black shade material is more opaque (i.e. it has a higher load of black pigment). When lit, charcoal it emits a dark-grayish color that goes well many colors, such as the aqua shown in the lampshade above.

Customize your reverse atomic 2-tier shades

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  1. Angie says:

    I love this lampshade. would it be possible to send you a picture of the 2 mid century lamps with dimensions I recently purchased at an estate sale so you could offer advice on which shade and size would be most appropriate?
    Thanks you for your assistance. I will be eagerly awaiting your reply.

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