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mid-century lighting: fiberglass lamp shade

example of mid-century lighting

atomic 2-tier lamp shade

mid-century lighting:
atomic 2-tier lamp shade
size: XL 18″ diameter
color: bright olive
pattern: arcs
material: translucent fiberglass lampshade parchment

The googie atomic shape is classic 1950s mid-century design. The atomic lighting style usually consists of a main drum tier, and one or two angled “atomic” tiers. The “atomic” designation might reference a vague resemblance between the angled tier and a mushroom cloud, or perhaps the overall geometry of the atomic 3-tier simulates the path of an atom about the nucleus. Whatever the actual derivation of the term, the simple geometric shapes of drum, curve, and angle are instantly recognizable mid-century atomic age design.

Meteor Lights makes the regular atomic style lamp shade in four sizes: small (10 inch diameter), medium (13 inch diameter0, large (15 inch diameter), and XL (18 inch diameter). The diameter references the main drum shade tier. Shade height an be increased or decreased by adjusting the height of the drum tier portion.

A staple of mid-century design, the atomic 2-tier shade works great as a lampshade or as a pendant lamp.

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3 Responses to mid-century lighting: fiberglass lamp shade

  1. Chris says:

    What is the mounting method and height of the atomic two tiered shade?

    • meteor says:

      We make our shades with standard 7/16″ ID shade washers that will fit any lamp harp or lamp fitting with a 1/4″ diameter threaded attachment stud (1/4-27). Our shade “spiders” (i.e., the spokes of the top shade ring) are flush with the top (parallel with the top ring/perpendicular to the shade center axis). Angled washer drops are available as custom orders upon request.

      We make our pendant shades (hanging shades/light fixtures) with a 1.625″ ID “Nord” washer designed to slip over 1.5″ OD threaded phenolic sockets with screw cap. The washer is offset (dropped) 1.5″ with the top of the shade. This attachment will also work with any floor or table lamps with the Nord socket. In this case, the shade mounts at the bottom ring. This must be taken into account when ordering 2-tiered shades or cone (it isn’t an issue with drums or 3-tiered shades, which are symmetrical about a horizontal center axis.). If you want a shade with the Nord washer attachment, just let us know in the message box on the order form.

      The standard height of the atomic 2-tier varies from 8″ to 9.5″ depending on the shade diameter. You can request different heights on the order page. Please note that changes to the default height of the atomic style can only be made on the drum portion of the shade, because the angled tier has fixed geometry.

  2. Joseph says:

    The atomic two tier shade is the one I feel would look great with the lamp I am using it on.
    I also like the color shown in the website, “bright olive”

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