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Reverse 2-tier Lampshade: Mid-Century Lighting

mid century lighting: lime green lamp shade

reverse 2-tier lampshade

Classic mid century lighting design:
Reverse 2-tier fiberglass lampshade, this shape also makes a great pendant lamp (hanging light fixture); available in many sizes, colors, and patterns.
large (15″ diameter)
color shown: lime green (available in any color)

The regular 2-tier and reverse 2-tier lampshades are both classic Mid-century/Modern styles, but there is a key difference. The regular 2-tier (small top tier, large bottom tier) approximates the volume of a standard cone shade, and will look good on almost any lamp on which a cone shade will work, and is suited to many traditional, vintage, and contemporary lamp styles. However, the reverse 2-tier shade, with the larger top tier and smaller bottom tier, has a different geometry, and while it usually can work on a lamp on which the regular 2-tier looks appropriate, there are exceptions. The reverse 2-tier shade has a more traditional vintage appearance, while the reverse 2-tier style presents a decidedly more modern appearance.

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8 Responses to Reverse 2-tier Lampshade: Mid-Century Lighting

  1. Vera says:

    Please let me know in what sizes this lampshades is available. Thanks!

  2. Patrick says:

    I would like 6 drum shades, 36x36x12 in a maroon or deep red color, can you quote in a 1 tier and 2 tier, they will be used in a ceiling hung pendant.

  3. Angela says:

    What colors are available for this 10″ reverse 2-tier shade?

  4. MARIA says:


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