Fiberglass Lampshades

Square Lampshade

picture of big square lampshade

square lampshade by Meteor Lights

Shown here in medium blue, Meteor Lights makes square lampshades and pendant lighting fixtures in any of our colors and patterns. Our standard square dimensions (i.e. width) are 10 inches, 14 inches, and 18 inches. Other square shade dimensions are available as custom orders. We can modify the heights on our square shades to suit your lighting situation.

Generally, square shades are more aesthetically pleasing when they are either somewhat shorter or taller than the widths. For example, either a 10″w x 8″h or a 10″w x 12″h shade is usually preferable to a 10″w x 10″ tall shade. This is even more of a factor for pendant lamps and light fixtures.

Configure 10″ and 14″ square shades
Configure 18″ square shades

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