Fiberglass Lampshades

18 inch drum fiberglass lampshade

photo of a midcentury/modern 18 inch drum lampshade

XL drum lampshade (D18) by Meteor Lights

XL retro modern lampshade – 18 inch drum
Shown in white with black swirls design and black lanyard (available in any color/pattern combo).

18″ diameter drums are suitable for floor lamps, large table lamps, or as hanging light fixtures in large rooms or over dining tables. The drum shape evokes midcentury modern design, but because contemporary design has a strong midcentury influence, the drum shape doesn’t feel at all dated or out of place in modern interiors.

As with all of our lampshades and pendant shades, the XL drum is custom-fabricated from hand-stained fiberglass parchment, is available in any color/pattern/lanyard combination, and can be made in a range of heights.

Customize your 18″ drum shade.

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