Shade Colors

This isn’t an exhaustive listing of our color palette. Our color selection isn’t static: we frequently modify old colors and add new colors, too. Most colors can be make brighter or more subdued, lighter or darker, according to your needs. Custom colors are available, as well, based on your supplied paint chip, fabric swatch, or Pantone number.

Some color considerations:

Remember that a back-lit shade looks different from an unlit shade. An back-lit shade takes on some of the color of the bulb (technically, more correctly called the “lamp”). The more neutral the shade color, the stronger the influence of the bulb color on the shade will be.

When unlit, shade color is influenced by ambient light. Some of this ambient light will play as reflected light off of the surface of the shade, and some of the ambient light will act as a subtle backlight, as well.

The swatches on this page are scanned images. This is how the colors look when scanned in. Scanned images are front-lit and opaque; they are scanned against a flat surface in the scanner, so there is no ambient light or back-lighting at work.

Demonstrating colors on the web is problematic. On top of the issue of different color representation (back-lit, ambient, scanned), monitors aren’t uniform. Further, you are looking at the screen in a room with different ambient and practical lighting sources, so colors can look different on your monitor, depending on your lighting set-up.

3 Responses to Shade Colors

  1. Suzanne says:

    I was wondering if you could send me some color swatches? I am interested in olive, apple green, jade, cream, rust and orange. If you have any other greens (darker greens) then please send!
    I have lamps with harp size of 11.5 inches – which shades do you recommend? I like the Atomic shape. Thanks!

    • With 11.5″ harps, you’ll need shades at least that tall, although you can usually swap in smaller harps into the saddle. As for shade style and diameter, just knowing the harp size alone isn’t enough to give you any advice.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hello Meteor Lights,
    I was wondering if you could send me shade color samples of the following colors:
    olive, apple-green, rust, butterscotch, caramel, antique white and sand. Thank you very much.

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