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Retro Pendant Swag Lamp

image of retro pendant swag lamp

Retro Swag

This coffee-colored (dark brown) retro swag pendant lamp can be configured as a swag or hard-wired light fixture. Swags plug into any wall outlet, and have an in-line switch; fixtures are wired directly to a ceiling junction box, and generally controlled with a wall switch.

This retro swag lamp features Meteor Lights’ XL Reverse Two-Tier style shade, and is available in small. medium, large, x-large, and xx-large sizes, in any color, with any optional pattern (shown here with no pattern).

Although swag lamps are often associated with 1960s and 1970s glass lighting, the method works great with 50’s lamps as well. Because of the heavy glass weight, typical swag lamps often use chain, and ceiling hooks are used to swag the lamp. We can chain swags on request, but because are pendant shades are lightweight, our featured swag style uses contemporary heavy-duty round cord, with no chain, and adjustable modular ceiling hangers are used for the swag attachment instead of hooks. These hangers provide a cleaner look than hooks, and pair better with modern decor.

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