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Retro Modern Light Fixture

image of retro modern light fixture

retro light

Retro Modern Light Fixture (or Lampshade)
Atomic Three-Tier style
fiberglass parchment shade material
main tier: butterscotch
top + bottom tiers: orange

The retro-atomic geometric shape is classic midcentury design. evoking satellites, rocket ships, the Jetsons, and other visual icons of the space race of the late ’40, ’50s, and ’60s. The strong geometric shapes and bright colors were a fresh break from the stodgy lighting that prevailed before the advent of American modern design.

The retro-modern three-tier shade makes a great light fixture, and is dramatic hanging over a dining table. It is available in different sizes, depending on the size of the table and room. The shade is available with an integral bottom diffuser if your specific lighting situation calls for one.

The atomic 3-tier shape works great with a variety of original mid-century and modern lamp bases, and is a good choice for many pendant lamp and light fixture applications. The angled shapes are particularly effective with 1950s “retro-atomic” style lamp bases that incorporate angled shapes into their design; the atomic shade tiers “pick up” the angles in the base.

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  1. lezley says:

    can you send a sample of the butterscotch and orange?

    • meteor says:

      I just need your name and address to send samples. Please respond to storeATmeteorlights.com, not here in the page comments.

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