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Retro Mod Style Pendant Lamp

pendant lamp, in retro mod style

Reverse Cascade Pendant Lamp

  • style: reverse cascade 3-tier
  • size: xl (18 inch diameter)
  • colors, top to bottom: coffee, mocha, sand
  • design: combo arcs pattern
  • material: fiberglass parchment

The Reverse Cascade Three-Tier shade is like a wedding cake turned upside-down. The retro mod style recalls late 1950s-early 1960s lighting design. The shape looks a bit unusual at first, because we’re used to seeing shades taper from narrow at the top to wide at the bottom, but we don’t recall there being a law that says all shades must conform to the traditional small top/wide bottom cone shape. We can make this style as a pendant lamp or as a lampshade.

The dimensions on the one above are 18″ diameter top tier, 13″ dia. middle tier, and 8″ bottom tier. The heights — both the total height and the height of the respective tiers — can be customized. Experimenting with the heights of the different tiers makes for some interesting variations of the basic configuration. We also make a somewhat smaller version of this retro mod shade, with 15″ dia. top tier, 10″ dia. middle tier, and 6″ dia. bottom tier.

retro mod pendant lamp

Retro Mod Pendant Lamp: XL Reverse Cascade 3-tier

colors: top to bottom: sand, mocha, coffee
Upside down light fixture, great for larger dining spaces.

This shade is the same as the XL Reverse Cascade at the top of the page, except the colors of the top and bottom tiers have been reversed.

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5 Responses to Retro Mod Style Pendant Lamp

  1. 4Barbara says:

    what is the spread on this fixture? is it very narrow?

  2. zhenya says:

    Hello. Can you please send us dimensions and price for this lamp :???

    Thank you very much !!

  3. Sylvia says:

    I am interested in the reverse cascade lamp pictured at the top. I like the colors and design as they are pictured.How much would it be for the smaller version?

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