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Pendant Lamp Diffuser Detail

picture of pendant lamp diffuser

Pendant Diffuser

Diffuser detail of atomic pendant light fixture. Diffusers are optional on most of Meteor Lights’ pendant fixtures. They are made from the same fiberglass parchment shade material as the balance of the shade. They can be provided in any color: matching, neutral, white, off-white, or custom colors. We generally recommend using white or other neutral colors, such as cream, beeswax, butterscotch, caramel, or sand. Matching the adjacent tier, as in the example shown, can be an attractive effect.
pendant lamp diffuser detail, bottom view

Pendant lamp diffuser detail, bottom view

Bottom diffusers are an option on most of our pendant lamps. Bottom diffusers are unnecessary (and won’t work) with regular floor and table lamps. Diffusers aren’t always necessary or even desired. On the plus side, diffusers soften downward light from the fixture or pendant lamp. On the downside, they don’t emit as much light, and they block heat upward heat ventilation through the lamp. This means lower wattage bulbs should be used, further lowering your light output.

Diffusers are most effective when people will be sitting directly beneath the light fixture, and the fixture is hung fairly low overhead. Consider the inverse square law (the intensity of light is inverse to the square of the distance between source and target) when deciding if a diffuser is going to be necessary on a lamp hung well above the target area.

If you decide you do want a diffuser, we can make them in any color, although we recommend using lighter colors. We also recommend against putting a pattern on diffusers. We can do that if you really want it, but we find that patterns on diffusers are a distraction from the overall effect.

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  1. Denise says:

    I am working on a small renovation project in the lobby of an office bldg. in downtown cleveland. I went to your site and see that you customize your lighting designs and I especially like the mid-century designs you display on your web page. In particular, the fixture seen under the description of butterscotch diffuser. The space I am designing is in the elevator lobby and the hall that connects to it. I would like to coordinate these two areas with fixtures that will complement each other.
    Please get back to me and let me know we would go forth with this project.

    Thank you,
    Denise, Designer
    Midwest Lighting Group

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