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Modern Pendant Light: Small 3-tier

modern pendant light - 3-tier

Modern Pendant Light

Small 3-tier modern pendant light shade with diamond pattern. The simple and clean geometric shape is characteristic of classic mid-century/modern design. When used as a hanging lamp, the small three-tier looks more appealing when it is taller than it is wide, as shown in the picture. Made in USA by Meteor Lights. The pendant shade is available in any color/pattern combination. The pendant electrical hardware is currently available in white or black.


  • small 3-tier Pendant Light Shade
  • 10″ diameter(main tier) x 12″ tall (total height)
  • available in other diameters and heights
  • color: orange (other colors available)
  • pattern: diamond grid in black (other patterns available)
  • material: hand-stained fiberglass lamp shade laminate
  • several electrical options available

small modern pendant lamp

Modern Pendant Lamp – Small 3-tier

  • small 3-tier modern pendant lamp
  • main tier color: apple green
  • top + bottom tiers: tangerine
  • material: hand-stained fiberglass parchment
  • style: mid-century modern

The small 3-tier shade works better as a pendant lamp fixture when it is a little taller than we would normally make it as a lampshade. The small 3-tier lampshade works best on small table and accent lamps, so it we usually make it 8″ or 9″ tall (this isn’t an ironclad rule, and there are exceptions). When used as a pendant lamp, the small 3-tier looks much better when it is 11″ or 12″ tall. We typically make the shade taller by making the middle tier taller, but there are other ways to do this, such as making the top and bottom tiers taller, or staggering the heights of the respective tiers (i.e. asymmetry).

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