MidCentury Modern Light Fixtures

MidCentury Light Fixtures

midcentury light fixture

midcentury light fixture

Casting the iconic bow-tie shadow on the wall behind it, a Meteor Lights Large Reverse Atomic 2-tier Pendant Lamp is a quintessential midcentury light fixture.The fixture has two basic components: the electrical hardware set, and the pendant shade which attaches to the socket. The shade is made of durable and lightweight fiberglass parchment. The texture and soft glowing light make this parchment a superior light diffusion material. Unlike paper or cloth, the lightweight fiberglass parchment is durable and water-resistant, which makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Shown is the large size (15″ diameter), but Meteor Lights also manufactures this shade in small, medium, and extra large sizes. It is available in any hand-stained color, and your choice of pattern or no pattern at all.

modern bedroom pendant lamp

retro light fixture: reverse 2-tier pendant shade

XL reverse 2-tier modern pendant lamp
color: deep caramel
shown with optional diffuser

The fiberglass pendant lamp shade colors pick up the room’s earthtone colors and the reverse 2-tier shape accentuates the modern minimalist decor. In addition to our wide range of standard colors, Meteor Lights can customize shade colors to your specifications.

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