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Fifties Style Pendant Lampshade – Atomic 3-tier

fifties style lampshade - atomic 3-tier

fifties pendant lamp

Fifties-style pendant lamp shade:

  • style: small atomic 3-tier pendant lamp
  • 10″ diameter (main tier)
  • height: 12 inches (total height)
  • main tier: aqua color with brown swirl pattern
  • top + bottom tiers: coffee color
  • white lanyard whip-stitching
  • material: translucent fiberglass light diffusion fabric
  • electrical options: ceiling light fixture or pendant swag set
  • pendant shade available in other diameters and heights
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4 Responses to Fifties Style Pendant Lampshade – Atomic 3-tier

  1. Wendy says:

    Can this shade be made larger?

  2. zoe says:

    if this is the only lighting for our dining room, will it be bright enough? Do you actually make it into a hanging light or is it just the shade?

    • meteor says:

      The max. wattage is determined by the shade size. If you use CFL or LED bulbs, the rated wattage for even very high lumen output bulbs is so low that the max. wattage isn’t an issue. We supply either the swag set for plugging into a wall outlet, or a light fixture set (with ceiling canopy, cord, and socket) for hard-wiring to a j-box.

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