MidCentury Modern Light Fixtures

fifties light fixture – fiberglass

image of fifties light fixture fiberglass

light fixture

This fifties light fixture features a hand-stained fiberglass three-tier shade. It is 18″ diameter, the colors are red and lemon yellow, and it has a white web design. This is an example of mixing midcentury lighting design with colors from another era. This mixing of shapes and materials from one era with colors from another can provide striking results. Of course, we also make this shade style in any 50s color combination, such as pink and aqua, but we can make in any contemporary color combination, as well. Our site color palettes show our basic color selection, but because we hand-stain the fiberglass parchment from own hand-mixed pigments, we can do virtually any color.

Made in San Francisco, CA, by Meteor Lights Custom Lighting.

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