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modern restaurant light fixtures

Restaurant Lighting

Custom 3-tier pendant lamps provide soft, atmospheric lighting at Huynh Vietnamese Restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA. photo courtesy of Huynh.

Of course we’re biased, but we believe that fiberglass parchment provides the softest, most even, and most luminous glow of any light diffusion material made. The material is perfectly suited for restaurants. whether the objective is bright lighting (e.g. in a diner), soft and romantic lighting (e.g. for a cozy bistro), or strong and dramatic lighting (e.g. for a nightclub atmosphere).

For this restaurant lighting installation, several rows of our retro pendant lamps were used to provide a relaxing and inviting ambiance, spreading warm light evenly across the dining area. The designer specified a custom height modification (several inches taller) of our standard medium 3-tier height.

contemporary restaurant lighting

contemporary restaurant lamps

Custom-made 3-tier pendant lights provide atmospheric lighting for restaurants. Midcentury-modern design can be combined with other contemporary, vintage, classic, and exotic styles for interesting lighting effects.

dining room pendant lamps

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