MidCentury Modern Light Fixtures

Custom Height 3-tier Pendant Lamps

custom pendant lamps

custom pendant lamps

The architect specified these custom height medium 3-tier pendant lamps for a local restaurant.
diameter: 13″
height: 18″
top tier color: coffee
main tier color: caramel
bottom tier color: butterscotch

It is worth noting that the same diameter three-tier shade can be made to look very different by adjusting the heights of the different tiers. Depending on the look you want to achieve, the main tier can be made shorter or taller, and the top and bottom tiers can likewise be adjusted in height. The difference in proportions can be quickly seen with a scaled drawing, or by using a CAD or other design program. There is no law governing how the tiers should be proportioned to each other, although you usually (but not always) want the main tier to be taller than the smaller diameter tiers. What looks good to your eye is what matters. Several factors need to be considered: how big is the room, how tall are the ceilings, how low will the lamp be hung, what is the table size or is there no table beneath the lamp, how many pendant lamps will be hung, and do you want the shade to read more as a drum or as a tube? But don’t let all these factors overwhelm you. If in doubt, go with our proven standard dimensions; 11″ or 12″ height will be perfect for most installations.

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