MidCentury Modern Light Fixtures

White Pendant Lamps with Diffusers

large pendant drum lamps

Modern Pendant Lamps

Large pendant drum lamps, with bottom light diffusers, made for Bistro Burger in San Francisco’s Financial District. Large pendant drum lamps like these are good for larger commercial spaces, but might be too big for most residential installations. Out white parchment is our brightest option, and is good for maximizing lumen output (lumens are the standard measurement of perceived light). Diffusers are a good choice here, because the pendant drum shades are hung low over the diners’ heads. Diffusers generally aren’t as warranted when the lamp is hung so high that bulb glare isn’t an issue, or when it is hung so low over a table (e.g. dining table) that there is no direct line of sight to the bulb.

Shade size: 24″ diameter
Color: white

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