MidCentury Modern Light Fixtures

1950s Light Fixture Design

1950s light fixture design

1950s Light

1950s light fixture design:
new fiberglass pendant light fixture by Meteor Lights
main tier: light blue w/web design
top + bottom tiers: jade green
hand-made by Meteor Lights

The angled geometric tiers are characteristic of classic midcentury-modern/googie industrial design. The classic free-form web pattern frequently found on lampshades and lighting designs from the 40s and 50s shows the direct influence of American Abstract Expressionism on midcentury-modern industrial design, lighting design in particular.

American and European 1950s-era light fixtures were well-designed and well-made. Midcentury Modern furniture designs get most of the attention, and light fixtures apart from the iconic Nelson and Poulsen lamps, and those of a few others, are often overlooked. Original Midcentury fixtures and lamps can still be found in good condition, but due to the destructive effects of heat over time, the electrical components often need upgrading. Even if you find an original 1950s light fixture that works, inspect the socket and wiring; if the materials look like they haven’t been updated in several decades (if ever!), for safety reasons, it’s a very good idea to replace all of the electrical hardware. Or, you can order your own custom light fixture to your exact specifications, with new electrical hardware that meets current UL safety standards.

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