Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

Fiberglass Three-tier Shade

image of fiberglass three tier lampshade

three tier lampshade, 1950s style

Medium-size (13″ diameter) fiberglass three-tier lampshade
Main tier: deep caramel w/ swirl design
Top + bottom tiers: coffee
Brown lanyard

The brown lanyard picks up the shade’s brown swirls pattern. Each shade presents a series of design options like this that can help you design your ideal lampshade or pendant lamp. There are literally millions of possible combinations of our different sizes, styles (i.e. shapes), colors, patterns (and pattern colors), and lanyard colors.

Our caramel and deep caramel colors echo authentic tanned suede and rawhide tones, and are great choices for 1950s vintage Western lamps and environments. Caramel pairs well with coffee, as shown.

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