Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

Small Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

small retro fiberglass lampshade

small retro fiberglass lampshade

vintage retro lamp shade reproduction:

  • small 2-tier, 10 inch diameter x 8 inches tall
  • color: butterscotch (deep hue)

The small 2-tier shade style pairs well with many small vintage lamp base styles, and it will also work with many modern lamp bases. The 2-tier shape approximates the volume of a cone shade of roughly the same dimensions, but it adds a unique vintage modern flair. We make the shade in a wide range of standard colors, but we can make it to your own color specifications, as well.

Vintage fiberglass shades in good condition aren’t easy to come by. The fiberglass material will last much longer than typical cloth or paper shades, but after six decades, any shade made from any material will be damaged if treated shabbily. Fiberglass lamps are much more durable than comparable cloth and paper shades, but several things can take a toll:

  • Decades of exposure to smoke will leave a stale tobacco smell (although this can sometimes be neutralized by rinsing in clean water and mild soap).
  • Attacks by Rover, Snowball, or Junior can cause dents or creases (these can sometimes be removed by light ironing — test on a small, hidden area first!).
  • Using bulbs with wattage higher than the shape size and configuration warrants can lead to those little brown carbon spots that are ubiquitous on old fiberglass shades (these spots aren’t seen on cloth and paper shades, because exposed to the same heat, cloth and paper shades would burn — fiberglass lamps are much safer than their cloth and paper counterparts).
  • Decades of direct exposure to strong UV rays can slowly fade the color and begin to break down the polymer substrate of the fiberglass shade
  • Years of storage in damp basements can cause mold that is hard to remove.

The good news is that Meteor Lights makes authentic, high-quality, hand-made reproductions of the original fiberglass lampshades, so there is no excuse to top your cool vintage lamp with a boring generic shade that doesn’t really suit or properly fit the lamp. Further, we can make the shade in a wide range of colors that weren’t available on the new shades when they were originally produced (typically aqua, pink, red, light blue, cream, and chartreuse), so you can have the original style shade in the color of your choice.

1950s lampshade

Small 2-tier Fiberglass Lampshade

This is a small 2-tier fiberglass lampshade, authentically reproduced to 1950s design. The color in this example is blue-gray, and it has a white cross-streaks pattern, but like all of our shades, we can make in any color/pattern/pattern color combination. 2-tier shades approximate the smaller top-tier and wider bottom-tier shapes of traditional cone lampshades, but the tiered configuration give the shade a 1950s-modern, space-age feel. Variations on the style include the reverse 2-tier and 3-tier models. Each style has its own unique properties. Click through our Lamp & Shade Photo Gallery to get an idea of the endless possibilities.

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2 Responses to Small Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

  1. Mark says:

    I have a pair of mid-century stick lamps they each measure 26″ to top of socket 31″ to bottom of finial base is 7″ diam. 5″ circ on the wooden stick part of lamp. What would be an appropriate style and size. Please help. Thanks.

    • The measurement to the top of the socket isn’t really helpful. We need to know the height of the base, the height of the neck, the height of the lamp harp, and whether the harp is removable. Even then, just the measurements alone aren’t enough to advise on a shade style, although it’s a big lamp, so it would mostly likely need an XL size (18″ dia., or a tall Large (15: dia.).

      Also, I’m not sure what you mean by 7″ dia. 5″ circle??

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