Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

Retro Atomic 3-tier Lamp Shade

retro atomic 3-tier lamp shade

Retro Atomic Lamp Shade

Retro xl atomic 3-tier mid-century lampshade:
18″ diameter
main tier color: sand
top + bottom tier color: butterscotch
pattern: black combo arcs

The XL Atomic 3-tier Lamp Shade is our premier model. It works best on floor lamps and large table lamps (16″ or 17″ and up), and of course it makes a great hanging lamp for dining, atmosphere, or general room illumination. Although the angled retro atomic shape is characteristic of 1950s lamp design, there are no laws that say you have to use only period colors with these shapes and styles. Interesting effects can be obtained be combining vintage shapes with color palettes from different eras.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Where can I buy 2 of these shades and how much?

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