Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

Retro-Vintage Lamp Shade with Diamond Pattern

antique white lamp shade, in retro vintage style

retro shade

  • XL 2-tier lamp shade:
  • 18″ diameter
  • 11 inches tall (other heights available)
  • color: antique white
  • pattern: hand-painted brown diamond grid
  • classic retro-vintage lampshade design

The hand-painted, retro diamond pattern is the classic 1950s “harlequin” design, shown here in brown on hand-stained antique white fiberglass parchment. The pattern outline can be selected from any of our pattern colors, and the pattern ‘field” is simply the base color of the shade. The antique white color shown here is a warm, neutral hue, and imparts a vintage feel to the shade.

The diamond pattern can be put on any of Meteor Lights’ midcentury lampshade or pendant shade style (i.e. drum shade, tiered, atomic, etc.), on any shade diameter, and on any standard shade height, but the pattern doesn’t work well on tall custom heights.

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4 Responses to Retro-Vintage Lamp Shade with Diamond Pattern

  1. Debbie says:

    I am interested in buying a 2-tiered lampshade for an end table lamp circa mid 60’s. It is a barrel shaped lamp, probably an 18 inch (?) size in height, and has the post (?). Want to get a gift for my brother’s house. This looks like it would work. Write me back; I will sneak around and ask how tall it is. Might be a late Christmas present. What is the price?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hello, I am interested in ordering 2 LARGE 1950’s shades similar to the above, color Sand w/Gold lanyard. Can you accommodate the request? If so, price point?

    Thank you,

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