Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

Eames-Era Lamp Shade

photo of Eames-era style lamp shade

atomic lamp shade

large atomic 2-tier lamp shade:

  • 15″ diameter
  • color: caramel (deep hue)
  • pattern: black combo arcs

“Eames-era” is a common shorthand synonym on ebay and elsewhere for midcentury-modern design of the post-war era. It refers to Charles and Ray Eames, pre-eminent post-war American industrial and information designers. The Eames are well-known for many of their furniture designs in plywood and molded fiberglass (eg the famous “Eames chair”), but they rarely if ever worked with lighting. As far as we know, the Eames never did lighting product design using fiberglass parchment.

eames era lampshade

atomic 3-tier lampshade

main tier: sand
pattern: black and white webs
top + bottom tiers: desert rose

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I am interested in your lamp shades

    • meteor says:

      Please email us directly with any questions (that way our email will be white-listed in your client, and you won’t have to navigate back to this comments page).

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