Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

drum lamp shade – olive green with brown stripes

picture of green drum lamp shade

green drum lamp shade

1950s retro vintage-style drum lamp shade:
color: deep olive green (available in any color)
pattern: brown stripes (available with or without any pattern)

Made in USA by Meteor Lights in San Francisco, CA.

The simple, basic drum shade is the classic mid-century lighting design. After falling out of fashion in the 1960s (dang hippies!), the low-profile drum shade is now grandfathered in as a lighting staple. Even stodgy and old-fashioned lighting manufacturers are making the drum style now, albeit out of paper and cloth instead of the period-authentic fiberglass parchment that we use (it doesn’t hurt that fiberglass parchment is a far superior light diffuser, and is far more durable and easier to clean). When we started making the shallow drum lampshade styles in the mid-1990s, people looked at us like we were crazy. “Mid-century/modern design, what’s that?.” Now, with the ascendancy of mid-century/modern into the design pantheon, the drum shape is back and stronger than ever. This time around, we think the drum lampshade style will resist the fickle capriciousness of the interior design industry (“got to keep to keep changing fashions every year, dontcha know!”), and remain a permanent mainstay of lighting design.

Meteor Lights makes the classic drum shade in any color, from basic neutral white and cream, to subtle earthtones, to deep and glowing colors and hues. Patterns are always optional. We offer you the ability to customize your shade size, height, color, and pattern exactly how you want. In many cases, you will wind up designing your own unique shade, a work of art and conversation piece that will exist in your living room, and nowhere else.

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  1. Clarence says:

    I have this type of lamp shade that was given to me from my late uncle. Unfortunately, the lamp broke when moving. Very different look and feel from lamps made today. It has to be over 50 years old

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