Retro Fiberglass Lampshades

Cone Lampshades

cone lampshade

medium fiberglass cone lampshade

  • 8 inch top x 10 inch bottom x 12 inch height (other sizes are available)
  • color: orange (other colors are available)
  • pattern: combo arcs in white and gold

Shown is one example of a meteor Lights medium cone shade. The dimensions are 8″ top x 10″ bottom x 12″ height. Other cone shade dimensions are available. Our orange color is a rich, deep orange. We also make a brighter, more yellowish, tangerine color. We can make the shade to your own color specifications, as well

fiberglass cone lampshade

small cone lampshade

  • 6 inch dia. top x 10 inch dia. bottom x 8 inch height
  • color: cream

Shown is one of our 1950s retro fiberglass cone lampshades on a vintage 1950s ceramic lamp base.
Although fiberglass was used most often with tiered and drum lampshades in the midcentury era, there were also many examples of fiberglass cone shades, too. We make a number of different cone shapes, based on our standard ring diameters of 4″, 6″, 6″, 10″, 13″, and 15″. Every cone lampshade has a specific arc pattern based on its conic section. If you don’t see the cone shade you’re looking for in our store shopping cart, contact us, and we may still be able to help you.

We are often asked why we don’t show a wider range of cone shapes and sizes on the Meteor Lights website, and there are several reason why we don’t. First, we specialize in the 1950s midcentury-modern style, and although cone shapes weren’t rare in the midcentury modern era, they weren’t as representative of the era as drum, tiered, and atomic shade shapes are. Cones are the “conventional” shade shape, and we aren’t trying to compete with Lamps Plus, Walmart, or Target, where you can find shelves full of cone shade styles. The big boys carry “fake” drum shades (where the sides are slightly angled), but they don’t carry true drum shades (where the sides are perpendicular to the top and bottom planes). The only reason big stores don’t carry true shades is that th drum shade style poses a problem for the economy of scale that bug stores require: true drum shades simply don’t ship well. They can’t be stacked in a box like cone shades or fake drum shades, so they are inefficient to stock as a retail item (this is also why the big stores carry such a limited range of shade colors and patterns). New true drum shades (and tiered and atomic shapes) made from hand-stained fiberglass are therefore only available in boutique shops, in dedicated midcentury-modern and vintage stores, and directly through custom shade fabricators like Meteor Lights.

That said, cone shapes are still popular, because they are what we are accustomed to seeing on lamps, even though there is no design reason imperative mandating the cone shape. (retail economic imperatives unfortunately still dictate received aesthetics for most people). However, cone shapes present a challenge in that the extra third parameter makes for a nearly endless variety of shapes. True drum shapes have two parameters: diameter x height, because top and bottom diameters are the same on true drum shades. Cone shapes have three parameters: top diameter x bottom diameter x height. This makes for a seemingly endless range of shapes and sizes. Each cone shape requires a specific conic section template layout, and there’s little point in doing the labor the show the thousands of possible cone shapes, when we don’t know in advance which cone shape you want! So, we show a representative range of shapes and sizes, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask us if we can do the specific shape (or something close) you are looking for.

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6 Responses to Cone Lampshades

  1. jill says:

    is this for sale?

  2. Carol says:

    I want two of these…well, depending on the cost. Please advise.

  3. edna says:

    please let me know how much these lamp shades are ?.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have a really odd shaped lamp- I can send pictures. The current lamp shade is 7″ diameter top, 9″ diameter bottom and height is14″- can you make something like that? In a cream color? Kind of like the picture on this page? I can’t tell what color the lanyard is.

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