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1950s Modern Lamp Shade

image of 1950s modern lamp shade

1950s modern lamp shade

The free-form web design inspired by the American Abstract Expressionist painters (especially Jackson Pollock) was characteristic of 1950s modern lighting design. Black and white webs are shown here on all tiers of an XL (18″ diameter) three-tier lampshade (which can also be configured as a pendant lamp or ceiling light fixture). We can make this shade in any color combination (or in one color for all three tiers); Very interesting lighting effects can be achieved incorporating non-1950s colors into otherwise period-authentic lighting. Combining design elements from different eras is a great way create fresh, unique, and inspiring design. We make exact and authentic 1950s lighting replicas, as well as variations incorporating contemporary color palettes and designs.

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  1. Mark says:

    Im interested in purchasing 2 or 3 tier lamp shades
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