Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

Large Drum Lamp Shade

large drum lamp shade casting a shadow on the wall

large drum lamp shade

xl drum lamp shade reproduction.

  • 18″ diameter x 10″ tall
  • color: mustard
  • pattern: gold webs
  • hand-stained fiberglass parchment

The wider diameters of the low-profile vintage modern drum shades cast the tell-tale bow-tie shadow, evoking 1950s movies and midcentury recreations like Mad Men. The shadow on the wall becomes part of the decor. The only thing missing is the cigarette smoke!

pink drum lampshade on an Art Deco lamp base

A custom pink lampshade with black combo arcs suits this vintage Art Deco lamp base. Although a fiberglass drum shade probably wasn’t the original shade on this vintage Deco lamp base, and will possibly unsettle period purists, the simple drum shade style suits the base well, demonstrating how materials from different eras can be used in conjunction.

Customer photos.

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