Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

Vintage Tripod Lamp and Fiberglass Shade

vintage lamp with tripod base

vintage tripod lamp

Black and aqua vintage tripod lamp with a vintage-replica lamp shade by meteor Lights, in the atomic 2-tier fiberglass lampshade style. We typically make our shades a minimum of 8″ tall, but we can make them shorter (or taller) as necessary. To make this shade shorter, we took a couple inches off the bottom tier. The angled tier on an atomic shade is a fixed arc pattern; to make the shade shorter or taller, we decrease or increase the height of the main drum tier.

retro aqua light shade

Vintage Aqua Lamp and Shade

Retro vintage lamp with aqua light shade made to the customer’s specifications. Aqua is one of the classic colors of 1950s design, but there is no universally-accepted standard for the color. For us, aqua is a light-medium greenish blue; that is, it is more blue than green. We also make a turquoise color which is a blueish green — in other words, green with a little blue in it.

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