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Retro Lampshades

image of retro lampshade

retro shade

Reverse 2-tier retro shade
color: rust
pattern: black, white, and gold swirls
white lanyard

A wine-colored Medium Reverse 2-tier lampshade is a good choice for this retro-themed setting with a vintage modern blonde wood dresser, white phenolic(AM!) radio, glass ashtray, wall art, and black metal wire lamp base. The lamp base and shade have a retro space-age feel, and suits the rest of the decor.

small drum lampshade, cream

small drum lampshade

Small retro drum lampshade on atomic-style wire lamp base.
6″ dia x 8″ tall drum shade
lampshade color: cream
shade pattern: black arcs

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  1. Madeliene says:

    I’m interested in the short, metal base styles

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