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Retro Lampshade on Vintage Tripod Lamp

retro lampshade on vintage tripod lamp

cream shade

retro lampshade on vintage tripod lamp
color: cream
black diamond design
size: XL (18″ diameter)

Vintage camera and surveying tripod floor lamps are a classic home-made lamp design. A drum or tiered fiberglass shade gives the lamp period authenticity. These large lamp bases usually require a large shade; in our experience, our 18″ XL drum or tiered shades work best on the tripod lamp style. We make these shades in any color/pattern combination.

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6 Responses to Retro Lampshade on Vintage Tripod Lamp

  1. Angela says:

    Are u selling the lampshade only?

  2. Jenna says:

    Can you please give me color-pattern details? Is this the diamond stripe? What color are the lines & the lacing?

    • The shade color is cream, The lanyard and pattern colors are brown. We can make this shade in any fiberglass shade parchment color, with any of our pattern color and lanyard color options.

  3. Lori says:

    I have a very large tripod surveyor’s lamp. Currently, its shade is 30 inches in diameter at the base, and 8 inches at the top (cone shaped). I would love to replace it with this lampshade. I feel the 18 inch would be way too small. What is the largest you can make?

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