Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

retro lamp & shade

image of a retro lamp with lampshade

retro lamp & shade

Meteor Lights made this sand-colored large atomic 2-tier shade made for an original vintage ceramic lamp base from the 1950s. Meteor Lights’ authentic fiberglass lampshades restore vintage lamps to their former glory. Vintage lamps packed away in basements, cellars, or garages will generally survive decades of storage and neglect, and just need a quick dusting before returning to the mantle or sideboard (but you might want to consider bringing the lamp wiring up to current electrical standards). However, unless carefully stored, lampshades don’t fare as well after years of storage. If you stumble across a great vintage mid-century lamp in Grandma’s basement, but discover that the accompanying shade is either missing or ruined, we can make the perfect replacement shade to bring the lamp back to life.

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2 Responses to retro lamp & shade

  1. okeivia says:

    how much does this lamp cost??? is it for sale????

    • This is a customer photo, and I don’t think they’d like us to sell their lamp!

      We made the replacement shade for their vintage lamp. We can make another shade exactly like this one for you. Good places to find vintage lamps are garage sales, flea markets, craigslist, antique malls, your grandma’s attic…..
      Atomic 2-tier fiberglass lampshade

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