Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

Midcentury Modern Lighting Decor

vintage 1950s tableau

midcentury decor

A radio, ceramic vases, and a small lamp create a vintage 1950s tableau, mixing Art Deco and Midcentury Modern styles. Small 2-tier shades like this one are ideally-suited for short lamp bases like this ceramic base. The regular small tier shade, with its wider bottom tier, won’t obstruct the top of the small base, and access to the turn-knob socket isn’t impeded.

modern 1950s lighting decor

modern 1950s decor

Meteor Lights’ shades top a pair of vintage 1950s ceramic lamps in a contemporary living room put together completely from midcentury/modern and midcentury-influenced design elements. Some vintage items, such as ceramics, can last for decades – they don’t “wear out” (but they can break…). Fabric and cloth wears out over time, so most chairs and couches, like this set recovered in barkcloth, eventually need to be recovered. Properly cared for, fiberglass shades will last indefinitely. They don’t fray and wear like cloth and paper do, but fiberglass shades will eventually wear if subjected to UV rays over many years (i.e. decades).

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