Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

Large Drum Shade on Vintage 1950s Teak Lamp

picture of large drum lampshade on vintage lamp

XL drum shade

18″ diameter drum shade
color: butterscotch
pattern: black combo arcs
material: fiberglass parchment

Meteor Lights made this XL fiberglass drum lampshade to the customer’s specifications to match his vintage teak lamp base. We’re not sure what the original lampshade would have looked like, but we doubt if it was as cool as this one. Many of the original Danish Modern lamps had beautiful bases matched with bland cloth shades that were hard to keep clean, didn’t last long, and weren’t visually striking. On the other hand, our fiberglass shades are easy to clean with a damp cloth, will last for decades (if proper wattage guidelines are observed), and look amazing when the lamp is turned on. As great as we think our shades look when the lamp is off, they look even better when the lamp is lit. The same thing can’t be said of any cloth or paper shade. Yes, we’re biased…

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  1. Xia says:

    Hi, is this piece for sale?
    Thanks for let me know.

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