Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

Midcentury/Modern Foyer Pendant Lamp

pendant drum lamp hanging in a foyer

Foyer Pendant Lamp

Medium-sized drum shades like this one are good choices for pendant lamps in small foyers. Meteor Lights offers a wide range of pendant lamp sizes so that you can achieve the proper scale between the foyer and lamp. In general, you don’t want a lamp to overwhelm a room, but the lamp needs to be big enough so that it isn’t swallowed up by the space.

Diffusers, optional on any of our pendant lamps, aren’t generally necessary for foyer and entry lamps, because people will only spend a brief time underneath the lamp on their way to more desirable destinations (the kitchen! which way to the kitchen?!). Also, with the full illumination you get without the diffuser, you’re less likely to step on the cat or your kid’s skateboard.

Midcentury/modern-style drum shades used as pendant lamps, like the foyer lamp above, create a visual interplay of light and shadow on walls and ceilings, adding an interesting and sometimes dramatic effect that becomes part of the decor.

Customer photo.

modern kitchen light fixtures

Retro Kitchen Light Fixtures

Pair of large 3-tier pendant light fixtures over the island in a modern kitchen remodel add a little 1950s midcentury flavor.

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