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Covered Wagon TV Lamp Circa 1955

vintage western fiberglass TV lamp

Vintage Western Lamp

Meteor made the fiberglass shade insert for this 1950s-vintage tv/novelty wagon lamp. Due to its texture and durability, fiberglass parchment was frequently incorporated into many post-WWII vintage Western lamps. Our caramel and deep caramel colors simulate the look of tanned leather. Our fiberglass parchment material is more versatile, durable, and affordable than the tanned sheepskin often used in shades on vintage Western lamps. Tanned sheepskin does provide a nice glow, but fiberglass parchment gives an even softer and more even glow, won’t dry out or crack, costs much less, and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. And no animals are injured in the production of our lamps and shades!

TV lamps were a craze in the 1950s, and they are now sought-after collectibles. They were typically made of colorful ceramics, and they featured popular themes of the era, Western and cowboy imagery among them. It was believed that having a low, soft light near the TV would help minimize potential eye damage caused by the glowing TV, which had recently become a fixture in every living room in America. Of course, in the 1950s, people also believed cigarettes were good for sore throats..

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