Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

Black Lampshade, Atomic Style

image of black lampshade

black lampshade

atomic 2-tier lampshade, made from fiberglass parchment:
large (15″ diameter)
charcoal black
swirls pattern

We offer two basic black colors: black and charcoal. Our regular black is a deep black color, and more (but not completely) opaque. Charcoal black, shown above, is somewhat lighter in hue, almost a very dark gray; it is a less saturated black and is more translucent when lit. The colors are fairly similar, but charcoal will emit more light. The intensity of the light will also be affected by the lumen output of your bulb.

Hand-stained and hand-fabricated at Meteor Lights’ studio in San Francisco, CA, The customer designed the shade to accompany her own intricate tile work on her lamp.

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  1. Linda says:

    I am looking for this style of shade for my 1950s lamp. My lamp is amber glass and has a tall harp. I am thinking it would be chic in black like the above-photo. What do I need to do to start the order process. Thanks.

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