Meteor Lights Customer Lamp & Shade Photos

Atomic Lounge Lamp

retro atomic lamp

Atomic Lounge Lamp

An Atomic 2-tier fiberglass shade tops a vintage 1950s lamp. Meteor Lights’ atomic-style fiberglass shades are ideally suited for midcentury-modern lamps in search of a shade. This 1950s lamp and shade combination is quintessential retro-atomic lighting design, characteristic of modernist Googie design that was prevalent in Southern California after WWII.

A lamp this tall would often require a larger (i.e. wider diameter) shade, but the medium (13″ diameter) works here because the shade is interacting mostly with the upper part of the base (which is approximately 13″ tall), and not with the unusually long metal leg base supports.

Main tier: light blue, with arc pattern.
Top tier: coffee.

Shade custom-made for customer’s very cool vintage lamp.
Photo courtesy of Cycledelic Studio, Rochester, NY

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