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50s figurine and lamp shade

50s figurine lamp

Fifties Lamp

Ms Atomic chose the shape, size, colors, and pattern to go with her cool pair of vintage chalk-ware figurine lamps. The main tier is black, and the top and bottom tiers are pink. The pattern is a custom gold glitter application.

retro 1950s lamp

1950s exotica

Few things evoke the 1950s as much as the “exotic” chalk-ware lamps made by Reglor and Continental. The chalk-ware bases are fragile, and are often found chipped or the painted surface is damaged. However, they can be restored with just a little bit of patience. Meteor Lights can customize shades for these lamps to your color and pattern specifications. For this one, the customer chose the top tier for the matching accent color, and went with a neutral color on the main tier. Putting the accent color on the furthest tier is a little more subtle than making the main tier match. Putting the pattern on the main tier accents the motion of the figurine.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Love the new look old time shades…

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