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1950s lamp base and reproduction fiberglass lampshade

1950s lamp with reproduction fiberglass lampshade

1950s lamp

Large 2-tier lampshade, custom-made for a 1950s green ceramic planter lamp base.
15″ diameter main tier; 10″ diameter upper tier.
main tier color: cream
top tier color: custom olive green hue
pattern: gold webs
lanyard: clear gold sparkle
Lamp is approximately 15″ tall.

Two-tier shades are one of the easiest styles to fit correctly. They suit a wide range of lamps, such as this pastoral-themed ceramic lamp. The two tier works well on this lamp partly because the wider bottom tier doesn’t cover up the tree trunk and faun’s head at the top of the base, but instead imparts a feeling of space and freedom to move for the faun (a common, but easily rectifiable mistake is a bottom tier that is either too narrow and/or that sits too low on the base). Two-tier shades will work on almost all lamps, especially those on which other shade styles may look either too modern or too retro. Two-tiers, although emblematic of 1950s design, work well on many lamps from other eras (as shown in other pictures in our photo gallery).

The top tier has a variation of our olive hue, customized to the customer’s specifications for this lamp base. In addition to the standard colors we offer, we can custom-mix the pigments for our hand-stained fiberglass parchment to match any color.

This lamp was designed with a planter at the base; foliage can be added to the planter to complete the pastoral scene (what’s Bambi without the forest?).

As with all of the lamps shown in the Customer Photos section of our gallery, we don’t have this lamp available for sale, but we’ve seen other 1950s lamp bases just like and similar to this one, so we know they’re still out there!

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4 Responses to 1950s lamp base and reproduction fiberglass lampshade

  1. grace says:

    i was wondering how much this lamp is worth?

  2. Adrienne says:

    Please advise the shade size on this lamp.

    • meteor says:

      The large 2-tier shades are 15″ diameter. The height on this one was about 9″. On lamp bases like this one that don’t have necks between the top of the base and the bottom of the socket, you usually want the shade height to be the same as the harp height.

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