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Vintage Western Lamp

image of custom vintage western ceiling lamp

wagon wheel

Custom pendant lamp in vintage western style (shown upside-down on the work table).
color: deep caramel

The caramel-colored fiberglass lampshade parchment resembles the tanned leather or suede look typical of the 1950s Vintage Western style. 1950s Vintage Western lamps made extensive use of fiberglass parchment for their shade materials; the fiberglass parchment somewhat resembles animal skin shade materials, but is more durable (it won’t dry out and crack), less expensive, more versatile, can be stained and patterned in an infinite range of colors, and no critters need to be sacrificed for your home comforts.

The hand-painted wagon wheel pattern was specified by the customer to compliment the vintage western design motifs used in decorating her bedroom. The authentic whip-stitched shade construction technique evokes the classic western look.

The custom ceiling light fixture above was designed to be attached to the existing threaded lamp rod projecting down from the ceiling electrical junction box, but it can also be used with our standard pendant light fixture or pendant swag lamp kits.

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  1. Scott says:

    Could you make this is 12″ X 20-24″? What would be the cost?

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