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Majestic Tambourine Shades

Majestic tambourine shades

Majestic Tambourine Shades

We make authentic reproductions of the classic Majestic Tambourine lampshades that accompanied certain original Majestic lamps. The shades are 4.25″ tall x 14″ diameter. They have the slot which slips over the lamp arm, and the center hole to help with ventilation. We can supply new frames, or we can use your original ones. The lamps are rare, and the shades even rarer. If found at all today, the original Majestic Tambourine shades are usually damaged and have that tell-tale crispy brown burn mark near the center hole caused by improper wattage. If using incandescent bulbs, please use 40 watt bulbs max. Even better, consider using a CFL bulb (it’s now easy to find CFL bulbs that simulate the warm light of incandescent bulbs, instead of the cool blueish light the CFLs originally had).

Shown is the original beeswax color with the signature black and gold zig-zag design, but we can make the Majestic Tambourine shade in any of our colors with or without any of our pattern options.

Majestic lampshades came in a wide variety of exotic and unusual shapes. Many of the Majestic wood and brass lamps have held up with time, but most of the shades for those lamps haven’t. The design of the Majestic shades frequently restricted the flow of air through the shades, impeding ventilation at higher bulb wattages. Inevitably, someone winds up putting in a bulb with too high a wattage for the shade, and the result is the tell-tale crispy brown spots. In most cases, we can use your old Majestic wire frames to make new shades, and bring the lamps back to life (just remember to use lower wattage with your revived lamp!).

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5 Responses to Majestic Tambourine Shades

  1. scott says:

    Frustrated at the high prices for Majestic “Z” lamps in good condition I’m considering making my own replica pair. I’m curious of the cost of your shades (as pictured). Also, do you know of anyone who is already making Z lamp replicas?

    • The tambourine shades for the z-lamps are $160 each. We don’t have a separate page to order them in the shopping cart (“Store”) at this time, but you can order via e-mail or phone. Thank you.

  2. Ronald says:

    I am looking for larger sized Majestic Tambourine shades. 10″ depth X 18″ diameter?

    • We make large and oversize drum lampshades and pendant lamp shades in a similar shape. However, the Majestic lampshades were unusually shallow. We make regular lampshades and pendant shades deeper (taller). We can customize the heights to fit your specific lamp or lighting situation.

  3. kiyoshi says:

    Nice to meet you. I am Yokoyama of Sapporo City, Japan. I own one of the majestic lamps, but there is no shade. I want the shade of YOUR majestic lamp. Please give me an estimate of the price of two and shipping to Sapporo of Japan.
    l want the one of the original beeswax color with the signature black and gold zig-zag design.

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