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Majestic Z-Lamp Tambourine Lampshades

Majestic Z-lamp tambourine lampshades

Majestic tambourine lampshades

Majestic tambourine fiberglass lampshades, accurately reproduced.
color: cream
pattern: black and gold zig zag

The Majestic Boomerang Z-Lamp tambourine shade was most often cream or beeswax color, with the zig-zag pattern in black and gold, but we can make the shade in any color with any pattern. We can make an authentic reproduction or an original per your color and design specs.

The Z-Lamp is the most famous and enduring of the Majestic lamp designs, but there were many others. Majestic lamps were beautifully fabricated, typically from brass and stained or painted wood, and featured many of the wild shapes that came to dominate ’50s design. These shapes were liberally and loosely drawn from science — amoebas from biology, starbursts from astronomy, atomic patterns from physics, boomerangs from anthropology — and reflected the implicit faith in science as the shining path forward after the horrors of the war.

To accompany the dramatic geometry of their lamp bases, Majestic designed lampshades that were even wilder. Majestic shades went to extremes that have rarely been matched since. As eye-catching as the shades were, they weren’t always designed to ventilate heat sufficiently, and when found in their original state, Majestic lamps almost invariably have damaged shades. If the shades look clean and crisp, chances are they’re reproductions. The good news is that as long as you follow proper wattage guidelines, new reproduction fiberglass lampshades will should indefinitely.

Majestic lamps can sometimes be a challenge to rewire. We recommend rewiring vintage lamps with obviously dated and worn electrical hardware. This means running a new cordset with a polarized, heat-sink molded plug-end, tinned lead ends, and a new socket, through the body of the lamp. If you find your Majestic lamp too difficult to rewire, it’s a good idea to bring it to a lamp repair shop instead of continuing to run the lamp with the potentially hazardous original electrical components.

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6 Responses to Majestic Z-Lamp Tambourine Lampshades

  1. jerry says:

    I am interested in what it would cost for 2 “tamborine” shaped shade reproductions as depicted on your majestic Z lamp.
    Alternatively, what it would cost for one top portion only for this style shade (ie, the flat round portion that lies horizontally on top of the vertical).

  2. meteorlights says:

    Please contact us at [email protected] directly for a quote.

  3. Taissia says:

    Im interested in the Majestic Z lamp tambourine lampshades.
    Which colors do you carry?
    Thank you

    • meteor says:

      The original Majestic tambourine shades were typically cream or beeswax color, and had black and gold zig-zags, but we can make them in any color, with any optional design, with the design in any color(s).

  4. Jimmy says:

    Are you still making the Z lamp with shades? If so, how much?

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