Custom Lighting Projects

Restaurant Custom Lighting Project

custom bar light shades

Custom Lighting Project

Custom light shades, truncated and tapered rectangular shape, aka “mastaba.”
color: tangerine
black lanyard

This shape is for use on lamps with dual cluster sockets, with the bulbs aligned parallel to the long axis of the shade .The tapered rectangle shape is more characteristic of 1930s Art Deco than the later MidCentury Modern style, but the design of these worked well with the small table lamps they were designed for. Low wattage A15 “appliance” bulbs are best for this shape and size.

Shown above in “tangerine,” a bright yellow-orange hue.

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2 Responses to Restaurant Custom Lighting Project

  1. Ann Gursey says:

    I like the color of the bar shades above (rectangular) .
    Can I get the largest Drum shade in that color with black lanyard?

    Also, do you make a burlap shade with black lanyard?

    I need one now! Thaks.Love your stuff! Ann

  2. Yes, you can order our largest drum in the tangerine color shown above through our store page, or by by e-mail or phone.

    We don’t fabricate with burlap.

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