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Chandelier Mini-Shades

chandelier mini shades

mini shades

  • set of mini chandelier candle shades
  • shown in coffee with gold cross streaks
  • available in any color/pattern combination
  • with “torpedo” clips for use with 25 watt torpedo bulbs

Our basic “mini” chandelier candle shade is 3″ dia. top x 4″dia. bottom x 5″ tall, but we can make them in other sizes as well. These are designed to clip on to low-wattage torpedo bulbs that are commonly found on vintage or vintage-replica ceiling chandelier fixtures. They are most commonly found on ceiling chandeliers in groups of five. Meteor Lights can make these small candle shades in an color and pattern combination. Contact us for a quote.

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4 Responses to Chandelier Mini-Shades

  1. Louise says:

    I need 10 mini shades for my 23″ wide chandelier.

    Will your coffee with gold pattern shades fit and what is the price for 2 sets?


    • meteor says:

      These are designed to work with “candelabra”-type bulbs, so they should work fine if you use the right type of bulb. The chandelier mini-shades are $35 each, and can be made in any color, with any optional pattern.

  2. susan says:

    I am interested in these shades. What is the size and what materials are they made of?



    • These ones are 3″ top x 5″ bottom x 4 1/4″ tall, but we can make them in other sizes, as well. They come with “torpedo” clips for use with candelabra bulbs. The material is the same fiberglass parchment we use on most of our shades. For these ones, we stained the material coffee color (dark brown), and added a gold cross-streak pattern.

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