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Retro Light Fixtures at the Fabulous Nutmeg Room

retro light fixtures

Retro Light Fixtures

3-tier retro light fixtures create an inviting vintage atmosphere in The Fabulous Nutmeg Room at Penzeys Spices headquarters in Wauwatosa, WI. An alternating mix of 3-tier and Atomic 3-tier pendant shades was chosen in several colors, including aqua, tangerine, and pink. The pendant shades are hung at staggered heights; this staggered effect is a classic midcentury lighting technique. An example of how lighting can be used to transform any space, this room looks like a set out of a movie; you can almost see John Travolta and Uma Thurman waltzing in, or maybe that’s Bogie and Bacall?

retro light fixture

Retro Lighting

Close-up of the serene and atmospheric retro lighting at Penzeys’ Fabulous Nutmeg Room. This looks like it could be a corner table in a swank, midcentury club, but this is actually the employees dining room! The pendant shade is an XL Atomic 3-tier, made from hand-stained and translucent fiberglass parchment. The shade is fixtured with a UL Listed pendant electrical hardware set consisting of a standard 5 inch junction box canopy, 10 ft cord, and threaded medium-base Nord socket; these sets are available in white or black, and longer length cords are available upon request. The light fixture cords can be cut to any desired length, so that the pendant shade can be hung at the desired level.

photos courtesy of Penzeys

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